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Brake Repairs

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Brake Service in Baltimore, MD

Restore Brake Performance

The brake system is essential to safety, but brake parts aren't invincible to time or wear. Throughout the life of your vehicle, you should expect to replace your brake pads and rotors at least once.

How often you need a brake repair shop depends on several factors, including: how much you drive, where you drive, and the quality of the brake parts installed.

When Should I Have the Brake System Inspected?

It's recommended you have a service technician inspect your brakes during your routine tire rotation service - roughly every six months. You'll gain a greater understanding of how fast your brakes wear, so you'll be better able to budget ahead for when it's time to change your brake rotors and/or pads.

I Need a Baltimore Brake Repair Shop

If you're looking for a brake shop in Baltimore, then you need to visit Atlantic Tire. Established 1975, we provide the high quality workmanship and replacement parts you need. Our qualified technicians save you time on service and provide the level of quality you expect from a longstanding service center. From brake repairs to brake maintenance and routine checks, we restore and maintain safe brake performance.

Atlantic Tire serves Baltimore, MD, Nottingham, MD, Perry Hall, MD, and surrounding areas.

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4 Common Brake Problems

You might not think about your brakes often, but your ability to stop is the difference between a close call and the exchange of insurance information. A daily commute in a town or city requires frequent stops at red lights and pedestrian crossings. You need responsive brakes to navigate Baltimore and wherever your travels take you. That means you need to pay attention to changes in brake performance and seek a brake repair shop to correct them.

The following are four common problems you may experience with your brakes:

  • Hard to Push Brake Pedal
  • Brake Pedal Too Easy to Push
  • High Squeal or Grind when Stopping
  • Uneven Rotor Wear

You know how your vehicle drives and when something isn't performing right. If you notice a change in brake performance, call (410) 866-6400 to schedule a brake repair with Atlantic Tire in Baltimore.

Brake Service in Baltimore, MD

Brake Repair in Baltimore

Our services include:

If we find a problem with your car brakes, we'll discuss repair options with you. A minor repair now can prevent a major repair, or something worse, in the future.

Call (410) 866-6400 to schedule an appointment, or contact us online today.

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